Proof Hub keeps your teams connected and productive

Proof Hub is a web based project management and team collaboration software specifically designed for operating with the team in collaboratively. The software is a browser-based web application, so team members can easily access it at any place they prefer. Team members can use their email address to login and start working on the project irrespective of the geographical location. It can be used at any time and helps them work more productively than ever before.


The web-based application of Proof Hub allows the team to manage each and every part of the project independently. They can have an array of team members working on the same project concurrently. This leads to increased efficiency of the team, as each of them has some work to do apart from the main tasks. When team members are required to use the team software they need not worry about their computer being unavailable as the application is available on any kind of computer and is responsive over a broadband Internet connection.


This web based application also enables the team to view the other team members’ activities on any particular branch of the project from where they can benefit from their efforts. The information about the other team members and their tasks is readily available so that each team member can make necessary alterations in their work pattern. In this way the entire team can work more productively together towards common goals of the organization. It also helps the team member to work independently hence increasing the productivity of the team as well.


In order to access the application from anywhere, an internet connection is not always necessary. The team member can simply login at Proof Hub from his/her computer to get the necessary information. One can also use the online map to see all the team member’s locations in a global perspective. However, there are some things that the company needs to consider before opting for such web based project software.


The first thing that a company should consider is whether it would be beneficial for the project. The amount of memory, the team can choose to install in the system is limited. The project manager must therefore look at the need for memory as the capacity of the software may be greater than the amount of memory installed. If the team would require a lot of memory to run the application then this needs to be checked. Another important factor that affects the decision is whether the company has the resources to maintain the web server. A team can choose to install its own server or install the project software provided by Proof Hub.


The next factor that will affect the choice of web-based application is the team’s level of IT experience. The company can choose to implement a project manager who will oversee the entire process. The team members however, will have a greater input in making the final decisions. It is recommended however that the project managers should stay in touch with the teams via telephonic conferencing so that the nuances of the project can be clarified.